Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hmmm. First post?!! HAHAHA

Fuhhhhh !!
After few month ...
and request-ed by someone
I am here to update blog :) 

To be honest
Nothing for me to update :P

Currently is my Y3S1
Last year in Utar
Next sem goin to intern
**67days more**
At OCBC bank, Penang branch XD
Fuhhhh !! 
OCBC is my first choice ever in my list :D
Luckily i get the offer XD
But ... 
Knw me well d knw what imma coundown-ing for huh?! :P 

Well ~~ 
I knw thk too much ll make everything worst
I promise not to think too much.
I believe We Can :) 

Current me with da super curly hair
But me semakin like it ~~
Fuhhhhh !! 

*Wink !!*
不鑽牛角尖, 事事都美好
Shooooo True :D

love love love

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Heyy, people ~~ 
long time din update my blogg le hor.
tsk tsk.
lazy sgt >< 

ytd night went to Prison Break Prom Night :D
sound interesting right? 
Actually we need stand dre for 4hrs. @@ 
Yiii. No chairs provided in hall
Yet their deco is nice. The team really put a lot effort on it. 
Overall still nice for me. 
Really enjoy it :))

tat white color shirt guy -johnson-
Sooooo lucky. 
Won the lucky draw gift
he was so excited~~

actually not much photo we took. Aikx.
mostly is group photo lohh.
the next photo is with my Bii 
Weeeee :)) 
love love love 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


our monthly-versary yay XD
although you felt the penguin is ugly,
i Love die the penguin, cute sial 
although you felt too simple for the celebration,
i felt touching when you take out penguin n choc 
Really geh, not like you owez jia jia one :PP

hope there is more n more months, 
even years for us to celebrate yay~
love love love 

Monday, March 5, 2012


Heyy, people
journals torturing me ><
gv myself a short short rest. 
Heeeee :DD

rushing 2 assignment within dis week
one midterm test on fri 
Busyyyyyy !!
but never forget to S.M.I.L.E :))
i miss you 
i dare not to thk again, if that day comes.
love love love

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


lazy sial ><
long time din update my bloggie d~~
here i come to clean Invisible Spider Webb :))

busy with Assignment, Midterm, Muet test
rush dis and tat
like a siao gia
cnt back Penang deeee :(( 
Aikx. Midterm test till week10 ahh :(( 
i wan back penang lahhh~~

Today 29th Feb,
International Women Confession Date
it's a good chance for gal, 
but nt suit for me anymore ;D
i have my Man alrdy. :PP
imma not single anymore since V'Dayy XD
My Only Bii 
love love love

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yuuhoo :))
Our house eh jen bring his queen come Kampar yay~~
Dis is the very first time i met her
Although we chat a lot before
That's great. 
Finally cn talk with her face-2-face.
Weeee XDD

after my Econ replacement class
went Ipoh with our house eh King n Queen. 
Heeeee :))
settle our dinner at Michelangelo's Pizzeria. 
ordered 2 BIG pizza with 4 flavor
It's nice and BIG~~
Hahaha XD

went sing k after tat 
with JiaPing 
With Gz ^^
With Jen XDD
Group Photo is the MUST <3 
Heeeee =]]
Nice Moment with them 
hope i cn meet jiaping again next time yay
my turn to visit her at singapore
Weeeee :)) 

love love love

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


first day of Feb :))
3rd week of my Y2S3 
start to busy with my assignment stuff
while other uni fren are enjoying their breakss >< 

currently the Research Method's journal is torturing us :((
next wed have to pass up n present our first assignment
have to use 3week to review the super duper hard journal
summore one of the week is in the New Year mood ><

have to continue with my journal reading
Digest digest n digest !!
hopefully cn finished it by dis 2days :)) 
Add Oil yayy !!

wo tao yan zhe ji tian de wo
ke neng kai shi jue de bu an :(( 
down without reason
Ishhh !!

went Overtime with my gangs
before come back Kampar
the very first time :))

quite fun and quite HOT !! >< 
like the moment when 5 of us play together XD

love love love