Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hmmm. First post?!! HAHAHA

Fuhhhhh !!
After few month ...
and request-ed by someone
I am here to update blog :) 

To be honest
Nothing for me to update :P

Currently is my Y3S1
Last year in Utar
Next sem goin to intern
**67days more**
At OCBC bank, Penang branch XD
Fuhhhh !! 
OCBC is my first choice ever in my list :D
Luckily i get the offer XD
But ... 
Knw me well d knw what imma coundown-ing for huh?! :P 

Well ~~ 
I knw thk too much ll make everything worst
I promise not to think too much.
I believe We Can :) 

Current me with da super curly hair
But me semakin like it ~~
Fuhhhhh !! 

*Wink !!*
不鑽牛角尖, 事事都美好
Shooooo True :D

love love love

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